Driver Assistance Systems

We create technical solutions that assist the driver in safety and convenience, as well as comfort and pleasure. We develop computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms with the ultimate goal of advancing future driver assistance systems.

Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Functions

In collaboration with our worldwide Group brands, we support in the development of high-tech Driver Assistance functions for the U.S. market. We currently focus on testing and requirements for the U.S. versions of the Audi models A6, A7 and A8.

Autonomous Driving Functions

As with past projects such as the DARPA Grand Challenge, DARPA Urban Challenge and Audi Pikes Peak TTS, we continue to explore cutting edge autonomous vehicles research. Our vision is to continue to advance technological development and focus on how autonomous technology can benefit the customer.

Sensor Concepts & Image Processing

We research novel sensor technologies and computer vision algorithms to advance safety and convenience functions in future vehicles.