Test Concepts & Validation

The time to develop and test embedded vehicle systems is constantly shrinking. Concurrently, these systems are providing more functionality and becoming more complex. Our team works to find more efficient methods to test these complex infotainment systems.

Test Concepts & Validation

Communication Technologies/Protocols

The testing and validation of highly integrated infotainment systems requires a deep understanding of the different technologies (AM/ FM, GPS, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, GSM, MP3 ..) being used in the systems. Knowledge about these technologies and how they interact with the car, the driver, and the environment is the starting point for the test scenarios that we systematically create.

In-Vehicle Testing Methods

In order to check the validity of a system's design and find possible shortcomings, we constantly create new test methods that expose infotainment systems to challenging real world situations. We analyze data streams and understand dependencies between the system and the environment to help us enhance our current and future systems. Our ultimate goal is to provide solutions that make the systems better, more efficient, and easier to understand.