Connectivity Enabled Eco-Conscious Driving

February 2012

In order to accelerate the development of more fuel-efficient vehicle concepts with lower emissions, Audi and the ERL are supporting research programs at selected California universities as part of a wide ranging research initiative with the motto, "Audi: Clean Air - A Viable Planet." The vision of this initiative was to create connected, intelligent vehicles that are capable of collaborating with their users and with each other to help preserve the environment.

A more environmentally conscious navigation concept uses dynamic traffic information and up-to-date map attributes such as road grade and speed limit to provide navigation route options to Audi’s MMI navigation system that are better for the environment. We hope to empower our customers to make viable routing decisions that are optimized for their vehicles and driving habits.

The Smart Engines concept brings the engine into the information loop, using real-time data to allow automated engine control decisions that are emissions-friendly. Imagine an Audi that already knows that the road ahead is steep and that the weather there will be cold -- it also knows you and it can adjust its transmission and climate control beforehand to improve the comfort of your drive as well as its overall efficiency.