Silicon Valley and the ERL

Silicon Valley Map

Silicon Valley holds a storied history of world-changing ideas and products. Here you will find the world's most vibrant community of inventors, artists, scholars, and entrepreneurs. We draw upon this pool of talent to infuse the spirit of the Valley into VW Group products and also to be a contributing member to this vibrant community.

History of the ERL

ERL Culture

To foster innovation with real impact, an organization needs the best and brightest people from around the world and a variety of expertise. You also need a creative space in which to build, test, and promote your idea. Sometimes this creative space is a workshop or meeting room, though often times the best ideas come from a chat over a coffee, on an orange couch.

University Collaborations

The ERL takes great pride in our university collaborations. We work with faculty from the best academic institutions on a variety of topics, such as computer science, engineering, communications, and design. We get to meet great people who share a passion for working on automotive-related research.

ERL Interns

From helping us build the next great idea to filling key positions on our soccer team, our interns play an essential part of the workforce and culture at the ERL. Interested in being an ERL intern? Click here.

ERL Employees

The ERL consists of software, electrical, and mechanical engineers. Human factors researchers and designers round out our skills. Interested in joining? Click here.