Past, Present, and Future.


2017 – Alexa Meets Volkswagen

Led the development of the first Alexa integration in Volkswagen vehicles. The Volkswagen skill is a conversation designed to help people plan their errands, provide helpful reminders, and make sure their vehicle is ready to go.

bentley filld.jpg

2016 – Filld for Bentley

Partnership with Filld to eliminate the inconvenience of customers refueling cars themselves. Customers open the Filld for Bentley app, choose a delivery time, and their fuel is delivered wherever they are.


2015 – Sonoma Raceway Event

Showcased our exciting piloted driving capabilities to media and legislators over six days that included performance drives and demonstrations.


2015 – Volkswagen Cam-Connect

Partnered with GoPro® to let drivers control their Hero4 cameras directly from the Volkswagen MirrorLink interface.


2015 – San Francisco to Las Vegas Drive

World debut of the piloted driving Audi A7 model, which drove from San Francisco to CES in Las Vegas with a crew of journalists taking turns behind the wheel. 


2014 – Hockenheimring

Unleashed the sporty driverless Audi RS7 at race speeds around the Hockenheimring in Germany.


2014 – Sound Journey

Designed and developed a one-of-a-kind Volkswagen MirrorLink application that dynamically generates a soundtrack for your trip by using driving data in realtime.


2013 – iBeetle and Beetle App

Created a unique experience for the 2014 iBeetle which features functions such as Spotify control, extended on-board instrumentation, drive trainer, and sending digital postcards from your location. 


2012 – ERL and Italdesign Geneva Show Car

Teamed up with Italdesign to combine cutting-edge vehicle styling with a state-of-the-art user experience. The result was Brivido, a one-of-a-kind vision of the future.


2011 – Belmont Center Opening

Celebrated moving into our new facility with an opening Tech Day event that showcased our diverse and innovative approaches to the future of mobility.


2010 – VAIL Audi TTS

Developed, in collaboration with Stanford University, an Audi TTS that successfully drove non-stop up the 12.4 Pike’s Peak Highway in Colorado autonomously.


2010 – Google Navigation

Launched the industry-first vehicle implementation of Google Earth on Audi’s third-generation Multi Media Interface (MMI).


2009 – VAIL Opening at Stanford

Supported the creation of the Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Laboratory (VAIL) located on the Stanford campus with an initial investment of $5.75 million.


2008 – iPod Integration

Developed in-car connectivity for the iPod in collaboration with Apple.


2007 – DARPA Urban Challenge

Collaborated with Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab to create an advanced vehicle with state-of-the-art sensor technologies and robot decision-making in an urban environment.


2005 – DARPA Challenge Winner

Established our leadership with driverless technology by winning a 175-mile course in desert terrain with no human guidance, no driver and no remote control.


1998 – ERL Begins Operations in Silicon Valley

Founded in August 1998, the ERL began operations in October of that year with three employees.